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ACADEMY LOFT is a breeding centre founded by company AKADEMIE LIBCHAVY. At first sight there might be a question, how is development of people, schools and companies connected with breeding racing pigeons? The answer is simple: "The owner". Zdeněk Štěpánek, who is the founder and owner of AKADEMIE decided to establish top racing pigeon breeding. Zdeněk’s  background is connected with breeding and nutrition of animals. In the past, he founded two significant breeds of sheep and pigs, where he was very successful. He also developed nutrition company FITMIN, which is called DIBAQ today and animal feed under the brand FITMIN is known in many countries around the world for its quality and professional approach to nutrition of dogs, cats and race horses. When Zdeněk owned this company it also produced many special products for racing pigeons.  

It has been 20 years and Zdeněk Štěpánek decided to come back to one of his hobbies and offer quality breeding pigeons under the brand ACADEMY LOFT for professional level breeders.

ACADEMY LOFT buys champion pairs and continues to work with them. There are stars in our breeding, which were successful in test stations, such as e.g.  BULK 1 ESO TQ 2018, AMBERGFLEIGH HOUSE 2 ESO Talent quatro 2018, top pigeon SAŠA 3 ESO TQ 2018, MAORI VENTURE 4 ESO TQ 2018 , then SILVER 1 ESO TQ 2019, an excellent pigeon KING ALI 2. ESO TQ 2019, a female pigeon ESO TATRY19 1 ESO DERBY TATRY 2019 , top pigeon TAMARAN 1. ESO ŘEČANY 2020.

Beside them, you can also find in our breeding pigeons of Mr. GANUSE DIAMOND SANJAY the son of MILIONARE, GOLDEN AFRIKA after VETEL and SUN CITIES TREASURE, a female pigeon AVIA after winner GOLDEN ALGARVE DOC HOLIDAY, a pigeon GOLDEN ALGARVE 321 after DOC HOLIDAY and SIENA, who was the 6th in GOLDEN ALGARVE.

Last but not the least there are pairs from Mr. KRUGER or Mr. JELLEMA. There are bloodline pigeon HARRY, bloodline female pigeon SAGANIA, bloodline BIRDY, bloodline female pigeon from Mr. LAMBRECHT PRINCESS LINCIA after brother LINCIA and „188/13“, they are 2 ESO of young.

Our breeding has 28 breeding pairs and we buy on auctions several champion racers for strengthening the quality every year.

We focus our work on top breeding and our pigeons are kept in individual boxes and we can therefore 100% guarantee the origin. We produce our own feeding mixture to ensure birds' nutrition where we use more than 25 components. 

Veterinary health prevention is our priority and we use a wide range of herbal products to ensure fitness and wellbeing of our birds.

Success of our colleagues pigeon breeders brings us joy and meaning. 

We will be delighted if you share your success with pigeons from our breeding. 


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