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Pigeons for sale

Terms and Conditions

When you buy a racing pigeon on this portal, the pigeon will be reserved for you for 14 days. Our assistant will contact you by mail or phone within 5 days from your reservation and she will agree with you about payment conditions and estimate time of transport. When the pigeon is paid, the transport is arranged and the pigeon is distributed. Collection of pigeons is according to the agreement personally or by animal transport according to the distribution plans.


If a pigeon is not paid within 14 days from reservation, the pigeon will be offered for sale again. If the potential customer cannot be contacted within 14 days, the pigeon will be offered for sale again. 


All pigeons for sale are RP vaccinated with minimum of 2 doses during the year. Pigeons are dewormed twice a year. The system does not have an automatic reservation. It is therefore possible that you ask for reservation for a pigeon which has already been reserved and the reservation was not published yet. 


In such case a reservation is taken for the first potential customer, who sent the reservation first and next potential customer will have  the second reservation. If the first reservation will not be paid within 14 days, you will be informed about it as soon as possible. 


If a pigeon goes to auction, it will be marked as such. If it is not auctioned, it will be offered for sale again. 


We wish you a lot of breeding success with ACADEMY LOFT pigeons. 

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